A lot of companies opt for epoxy flooring for some parts of their homes due to its strength and ease. Epoxy flooring is the ideal solution for floors that should endure machine and foot traffic, extreme temperatures, oil, chemicals, and other fluid without corroding or peeling throughout the years of constant usage. Some of the industries that find epoxy flooring as the best solution include dairy, distilleries, poultry and meat, pharmaceutical, electronics, food processing, manufacturing, garage, and industrial facilities. Here are the reasons why it’s highly used by these industries: 


Safety should be the major priority of all companies. In that case, you don’t have to worry about accidents and slips with epoxy floors since you can always have it installed with an anti-slip coating. This is a good safety precaution especially for areas with high machinery or foot traffic.  


In terms of the flexural strength rating, most epoxy floorings are more than 3 times stronger compared to concrete, which is commonly below 3,000 psi. Epoxy flooring is intended to withstand extreme temperatures, high traffic, and heavy machinery like those found in food industries. Nothing is quite stronger compared to epoxy flooring.  


One of the best advantages of installing epoxy flooring is that it’s very cost-effective. Compared to other flooring types, the cost per square foot is considerably lower. The best deal you can get should be achieved when you can rest assured that the flooring won’t need to be replaced for several years to come and only needs low maintenance. 


With a seamless, shiny, and smooth look, having a garage floor epoxy Las Vegas is an appealing option for several buildings. An epoxy flooring can offer various beautiful colors, which is ideal for athletic complexes or hotel lobbies.  


Epoxy is the most durable type of flooring. The chemical compounds make a floor that’s resistant to impact, which is ideal to deal with heavy machinery, heat, shock, and more without being concerned about wear and tear and cracks. Moreover, the epoxy flooring is sturdy enough to endure chemical spills that are usually used in chemical plants.  

Resistant to water and stains 

Epoxy flooring can hold up against water and stains well. Unlike flooring types like laminate or wood, epoxy doesn’t warp or cause water stains due to water damage. Once unwanted spills take place, it’s easy to clean them up. Plus, stains are rare to occur.  

Easily cleanable and seamless surface 

Since epoxy is poured, there won’t be ridges, joints, or seams that can be seen in other flooring types like tiles, etc. Because of this benefit, epoxy is a more sanitary option, which removes crevices and cracks for bacteria and dirt to conceal during cleanings. In terms of healthcare facilities or food plants, sanitation can be leveled up by using an anti-microbial additive. Apart from that, an epoxy flooring’s smooth surface makes it simpler for forklifts or hospital gurneys to roll over without resistance or jostling from floor seam bumps.